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Do floyd mayweather dating erica dixon

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Floyd Mayweather is known for having partners outside of his main relationship and Princess Love was one of his side chicks at one point. Princess began seeing singer Ray J while still with Floyd and the affair so to speak was exposed by his former associate, 50 Cent.

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Apparently, Mayweather hired Doralie, also known as Bad Medina, as his masseuse, but things took a twist, which make it that his sessions were free; unless of course, if you take all the lavish spending into consideration. Who is Floyd Mayweather?

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Floyd Mayweather is no reality TV star, but his connection with the genre is far more stronger than one would think. Hollywood star dated Floyd Mayweather back in before she was exposed for cheating on him with Ray J. The pair started seeing each other in and went through several breakups before getting engaged in She made sure everyone knew about it, posting several pics of herself along with the year-old undefeated ex-boxer on her Instagram.

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It was on her account that Floyd spent time behind bars, as she reported him for assaulting her. She lived with her mother Mandy and five siblings, but is now touring the world with the Money man, going to NBA games and sitting courtside next to Jay-Z and Beyonce. Inrumors floated around that Love and Hip Hop: He also posted a photo of Ray J to taunt Floyd.

Is this her attempt at flirting with the Floyd or is there a do floyd mayweather dating erica dixon fling happening under our noses? She has since revealed that she was beaten by the ex-boxer on six different occasions, with the worst of it coming inwhen he entered her home, dragged her by her hair, kicked and punched her in front of her children.

Please whitelist TheSportster or disable your ad blocker to continue. This bit is as recent as earlyand there was never any official word, but the pair seemed quite comfy around each other in a certain video where they appeared to be flirting.

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That musical moment was the spark for a scuffle between Ray J and Fabolous following the Mayweather fight. That did not get her to budge, though.

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Retiring for the second time ina return is thought to be very possible and it would be quite something to see him compete a 50 th time. Floyd and Josie are now completely estranged, but he does make arrangements to spend time with his kids, flying via private jet when necessary. The model, who has also worked as a Playboy Playmate, bears a stunning resemblance to Jennifer Lopez and is often compared to TV reality star Kim Kardashian. She was probably well within her right to see other people, although Floyd might disagree and that she did.

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Tiny Harris and Floyd were rumored to be secretly dating after photos and videos surfaced of the two partying and posing for photos together. The pair had an 123 dating network relationship going on and were engaged at one point, but obviously never tied the knot.

She is also said to have dated Kobe Bryant looks like Kobe and Floyd share the same tasteas well as action movie star Vin Diesel.

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