Do printers hook up to laptops How to Connect a USB Printer to Your Laptop

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Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. Click Add a printer or scanner or Add Bluetooth or other device. There should be an option for the printer to let you connect to your wireless router. Printers that are connected directly to the network can typically be easily accessed by both Windows and Mac laptops. If one doesn't work to your satisfaction, you can always try another.

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If it does, you will be prompted to download it after adding the printer. Check the "Printer Sharing" box.

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This will select your currently connected printer for sharing. How you establish the Wi-Fi connection depends on the printer. Steve Miller Aug This is typically all you'll need to do for an Ethernet printer.

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Consult the supplied printer manual to check if a connection can be made before the relevant drivers are installed. Click Install and follow the onscreen prompts.

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Even when everything goes smoothly, as it usually does, it's still more complicated than plugging in a cable. Make sure that it is close enough that the cable can reach your computer without tension. Run the "Bonjour Print Wizard" after installation.

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If the connection works, you'll have to take a brute force approach, changing one or more settings back to the way you had them, and trying to reconnect again, until you track down which one is preventing the connection. Click the "Sharing" option. If your printer isn't listed, you may need to download the software from the printer manufacturer's support site first. Networked printers that connect to a router are attached by a standard Ethernet cable.

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Connect to the shared printer from other Mac computers on the network. Make sure that the computer sharing the printer is turned on. With you computer turned on and unlocked, plug the printer into your computer using a USB cable. You should also know about any do printers hook up to laptops settings that you changed from the most common choices.

Install the printer on the computer that will be sharing it. Once the printer is turned on and the cable is connected, Windows 8 should display a message and automatically recognize and install your printer.

General Troubleshooting

Regardless of the approach, once you enter the information the printer needs, it should establish the connection. If you've lost your original documentation, you should be able to download copies from the manufacturer's Web site. Install the shared printer on the laptop. Connect to the network printer Windows. Select the "Turn on file and printer sharing" option and select Save changes.

For some models, the relevant software should be installed first.

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