Do you like online dating Online Dating: Good Thing or Bad Thing?

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What I'm intrested in. I haven't had chemistry with most of the people I met, so we never went on the 2nd date.

I approached my mate like looking for the perfect job. You don't have to drink coffee. The truth is, it is not easy for a man or a a woman to find a good partner.

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Both thumbs or flippers up to the first two responses I read. One was a sex act, one a pic of his bowel movement. Finally, I have just given up on online dating for awhile. To be fair the above advice on reading profile etc etc isn't exactly going to create a breakthrough.

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As for the nice guys, they will take the time to read your profile and message you about a common interest you have. I will say that overall, I am an eclectic type that's hard to describe very thoroughly: You even admit you receive nice messages, but refuse to even acknowledge such guys? You narcissists need to own the society you made by your own efforts. I look great and younger.

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Step into the world of weird news. This is why both women and men enjoy the new Bumble appwhere women make the first move. Mid-age, work FT, with 2 teenagers. Dating can be fun rather than a means to an end. Share Tweet Stumble Digg Email. I think the problem is these days people are more desperate than ever for a quick fix and dismiss new ideas if they don't see sparks flying first go. Typically, it would be casual do you like online dating that would lead to texting, followed by the inevitable meet up.

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Its a real bank. If you get a nice initial message, at least say no thank you and even a brief idea of how good the message was. This is one of the funniest comments on this thread.