Dota 2 matchmaking awful MODERATORS

Dota 2 matchmaking awful

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I was in the deepest trench when I started a year ago but worked myself up to be a 4k player. Both teams can have bad attitude.

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I mean, just look at the first fucking sentence of this guys thread. The largest exception is that dota1 has no handholding or babying of players.

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It really isn't that prevalent or even that detrimental. Did you 2 matchmaking awful why you have these unbelievable teammates?

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No system can know from the start that you are a smurf. So it would make no sense at all to put new players in 3k MMR.

I still have hope, so I'll try to explain you again:. So I waited for bots to be added and learned from there. The number of matches won is what counts. People at 9k literally wouldn't be able to play with any friends.

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I feel like their smurf detection works pretty well. Holy crap, a year or more ago when I started playing Dota I 2 matchmaking awful the lowest skill option. You ask yourself, "why did this low skilled player die? Why is this happening? Of course then I have to deal with double treads snipers, but such is life. I can't stand playing cores anymore. Have you seen blitz's video where he plays storm mid and commentates his thought process?

Originally posted by Syringa Caffy:. There are legitimate new players that are good. Noldor View Profile View Posts. The decision making on that hero makes or breaks him even more than for instance Well, going back to my CM example, someone like her is fairly easy to understand on a basic level.

DOTA 2 matchmaking system = a bad joke

Become a part of the community by commenting in other threads. Tell me more about my bias please.

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My guess is valve has it similarly to the ranked system and your first few matches are calibrating, meaning you are dropped into different brackets and then the system tries to adjust based on the outcomes.

It'll remove this abuse, and even the abuse of account boosters, because every member in the party needs their own MMR before joining a party. Also with ET changes I just don't know do you pull, do you kick which one is stun its all too confusing.

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So are you saying that making it would cause issues? Your username is how other community members will see you.

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Sticking to limited heroes is a safe bet. It's more than likely but some people are just naturally more adept at the game than others and, despite the knowledge deficiency, they could still outplay them. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you.

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The people who deny the above are denying facts, either they haven't played much and are ignorant on the matter, or they are in denial due to how bad they are. Most pro matches are minutes and thats even with most games waiting for a base break to gg. Like seriously how the fuck is this shit still acceptable? But it can also sometimes be an experienced player from another similar game or DotA 1 player and such because they dont ask for your experience level like in the beta they just use calibration matches.

Eventually bots will go back to farming.