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Insert a link to a new page. So i guess people are getting the wrong idea about the advice me and him were looking for. I am not the most outgoing person in the world by a long shot. All good points, and a very good point about people you're attracted to generally not being alone. Dragon Con provides scheduled van service between all main convention hotels and some of the overflow hotels during most hours of the day and night. As far finding someone with a like interest The remaining balance will be due by March 1, If you really need this information verified, I would suggest exploring that part of your sexuality yourself, attending DragonCon, and experimenting a little.

There's even photographic proof, above. Reservations canceled after August 1, will forfeit the entire deposit.

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Lastly I asked the daring duo if they had any last words of advice for attendees looking to get kinky in Downtown Atlanta. Whats some good advice for meeting a third girl for con?

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In all my 7 years of going to the con, I've never once "met someone" there. I believe that their leadership will also help keep Dragon Con on the cutting edge of the hook up scene.

However, some DragonCon attendees have taken it to a very adult level. No images or files uploaded yet. Stay tuned for more ball draining news as it breaks.

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Go to mobile site. We are geeks, but in the 21st century, 'geek' just means enthusiast and fan. Rumpelstiltskin Once Upon a time 4. There's a reason they're called "unicorns". And as far as the booze goes, i'm sure we all know alcohol just helps lubricate social interactions overall.

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Importantly, Dragon Con, Inc. I don't know, I feel like this should be pretty obvious, but when you are starting conversations with women, I recommend treating them like people.

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Peter Pan Hook 6. To book your reservation, please use one of the links to the left or call either or Here's how to navigate the pink seas of sweet, sweet loving without a storm sinking your submarine, or your poor little man in the boat. Like most years I've been to DragonCon, I'll still be single this year barring a miracle.

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Sex is certainly on the minds of a lot of con attendees, and safe sex definitely should be on their minds, but it's kind of a walk before you can run situation. Method of payment to guarantee reservation must match name on reservation. The term "HookupCon" has been bandied about for the past few years. I live in Atlanta and have a hard time finding other kinky gay men that are willing to hook up for sex.

The Women Backing Each Other Up Project has volunteered ribbons to identify people who will help back you up if someone is getting closer than you'd prefer and not taking polite disinterest or "no" for an answer.

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Something in Master Chief. The hook up project also provided an official response. He ended up flying over from the UK the following summer to meet up and have our first official in-person dates, since it had all been over Skype previously.

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Be sure to mention you are with Dragon Con when you call any of our hotels.