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Dragoncon lightspeed dating

That's the whole point of those costumes. I dunno, I mean, I guess maybe I haven't encountered one hardcore enough that I would consider a nerd, though I guess I define nerd as someone who enjoys more than one area just my personal definition is all.

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Im married and I have had alot of Close datings with members of the opposite sex mistaken cosplay talk for hit ons. After so long, I'm just like fuck it Don't piss off the Fire Marshall. Were you like awinterfeld16 and shy away from the girls?

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Picard or at least Sisko. I wore mine Saturday and Monday as a last hurrah.

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Another great opportunity for talking to strangers has turned out to be breakfast outside the Starbucks in the Marriott. But I think the OP wasn't really talking about meeting girls at the con, but rather, meeting girls near him that are like the girls at the con.

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Here is his account of the romantic, nerdy meetup. Might be a good way to occasionally organize time to meet people on here.

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Just focus on having a pleasant, enjoyable conversation and not on, you know, "wooing. I think the odds of finding someone at DragonCon are slightly better than a needle in a haystack if you live in Atlanta.: And even if I find a nerdy guy. You won't be able to vote or comment. Peter Pan Hook 6. In the real world nerds outnumber women interested in geeky pursuits to 1.

We brought some velcro and glue thanks for the advice! I want the same in a dating.

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I'm a little better at faking it than most. I hope he got that girls number XD September 6, at 9: Not that i tried hard not to or anything, being the omnivore that i am. Newt The girl is sexy in her costume.

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I was standing in line at Checkers, waiting for my food, caught up in a conversation with a guy in a Flash shirt. You must also realize that there are people out there who don't like the bone-thin look that's in right now.

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To this day I don't understand why there isn't some sort of dorkdater. I found myself speaking with potential dates of various ages and interests.

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He ended up flying over from the UK the following summer to meet up and have our speed dating sites india official in-person dates, since it had all been over Skype previously. You should never feel like a creep unless you are a creep.

And lord knows some of those geeks can write computer software to match interests, who do you think those Match.

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Thanks for the advice everyone, this is helping. I hope he got that girls number XD. Jimmy Jam- I hope that those sentiments you typed were true, because if they are, you are a very rare breed and should be commended.

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The only thing is reddit doesn't necessarily mean "willing to dress in a card captor sakura outfit" Thanks for the input! Here are some available suggestions. We're in an era where it's not unusual for women to make the first move like I didbut there are still plenty out there who expect the guy to do the approaching.