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Favilla ukulele dating

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The best Favilla instruments guitars, mandolins and fiddles too rank in quality with Martin and Gibson. Favilla catalogs I don't have any catalogs. Originally Posted by bohemian.

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I continued building a few guitars a year until when other business matters took up more of my time. The Favillas especially my Grandfather John considered themselves "string instrument builders". The time now is Views Read Edit View ukulele dating.

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My limited italian translation abilities: The first tiple is definitely not a martin for many reasons. Age and type of Favilla uke Question: Kind regards, Dee Photos: Let me know how it sounds. And here's some word from Tom Favilla: Tom F wrote me that there was "another" Eko operating ukulele dating in the '10s-'20s that the family did business with, but was short on any further details. By commercial production ceased.

About 50 to 60 were built between and I could if you would come to Australia for a visit That was the only building collaboration between them, although D'Angelico sold Favilla flat top guitars in his shop right up to the time of his death in I recently inherited this from a friend.

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Frank's the Man If I have got this figured right, here is a pic. I know it may be vintage 20's 30's and it's mahogany. Laurie Not only do I need more pictures, I like to see the one you tried to send.

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Originally called "Favilla Bros. Over the years I have received many inquiries about the Favilla Company and its instruments from individuals, collectors and stores.

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Leslie, who is a respected and important member of what, for the want of another term, might be called the ukulele community. The early "Marca Aquila" label from a Favilla mandolin. The piece has some hallmark of being built, not for show, but for a player: There's some flaking around the sound hole-- is that wax or the original finish?

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Compare this claimed date of invention with the arrival of the ship. I have nothing by way of advertisements or catalogs, unfortunately.

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It is from the 30's and worth about bucks. Perhaps contact Tom Favilla? If we take everyone at their word, it would appear gateway dating site Eddie had the idea, Herc Favilla made some samples, and Vega actually introduced them in production.


Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Many thanks for any wisdom you can provide! Is there anyway of pinning it down to a specific year.