Fcm 50 t premium matchmaking Question about Prem tanks - FCM 50T

Fcm 50 t premium matchmaking

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I barely ever need gold rounds, so that saves up a lot. It 50 t premium matchmaking isn't a heavy.

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Which is most surprising given what it has in terms of protection. I'm a medium tank driver that drives, slow, bulky, inaccurate heavy tanks and after playing mediums, I play mediums FAR better then I do in heavys, well most of the time, but my heavys do have their momentsI feel like I should play more mediums rather then heavys.

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Both tanks excel at sniping, but the 50t has preferential matchmaking, is better at relocating and flanking, and has better DPM. Most premium tanks have lowered battle tiers. Brothers in Arms 3rd crew skill: Acceleration both forward and back is very good, allowing for quickly moving into and out of firing position which minimizes exposure time.

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Need a tier 8 premium tank? It also doesn't hurt to have on your normal French heavies either.

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I have been looking to buy another Premium tank, and I'm looking at their stats etc. This means you have to play the medium role agressive to make sure your team wins this flank before your heavy flank loses their.

Toysrme 11 Posted Oct 02 - Search Advanced Search section: Certainly more fun than a T54mod, or worse, Super Pershing. The FCM 50t is easily one of my favorite tanks.

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Try ramming an E50 on the other hand. However, since it lacks an autoloader, it plays very differently from tier 8 and above French heavies. SeasonEnd 12 Posted Oct 02 - It also has better gun elevation but worse gun depression than the ARL It can bounce the occasional shot off of the upper front plate even. Next, the size of the tank is huge.

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The gun equipped on the tank is the same gun as the top tier gun of the ARL