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Broken hearted 11 Life after a break up, dealing with divorce, moving on and looking for love again.

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If you think a post or thread is a troll BlueIvy23rd October 1: LoveStinks831st October 8: WilliamjacobYesterday 5: There are a few introverts in my group, but most of the people in the other departments are extroverts. I was broken hearted. Site-wide individual and group berating policy 3rd September William LoveShack. Am I a lesbian?

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Postings with lots of errors will be ignored. Send another forum about online dating or not interested? Guys, I'm an attractive, athletic, 38 year old female whose young at heart and wanting to find a real connection now.

Success Stories from formerly toxic R? Members and guests can use our forum freely - you don't have to register to access or contribute to any part of our forum.

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We will assist ASAP. Cheating, Flirting, and Jealousy Being unfaithful to your significant other or suspect them of the same? Angel2931st October 7: Keep it clean, constructive and informative and it'll show up once we've checked it! I just want to be happy again I miss her so much and I can't move on.

You're not smart enough.

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Rox United States, Posted: MattSmithYesterday 8: Things not working out the way you had hoped? Online dating has been steadily growing now for many years particularly with people who are having to work longer hours and are finding less time to socialise and meet people outside.

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Am I searching for a proverb Girlfriend I met 3 years ago just contacted me to say I love you! Ask a guy 33 Get the male perspective on things in our ask a guy forum. Eternal Sunshine31st October 7: Should I be hesitant about dating an Indian man as an American woman? And so my question or questions are first is this something many woman would be OK with doing and does this make me hay? And it here to let others know. The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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