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Funny dating monologues

I would love to use it to compete this weekend but i need a isbn number.

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Sprays all over body then smells wait what is this OH NO this is my mom? Looks down at shirt Awww man now it makes me look fat!

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Imthelordunicorn Loverbeatboy actually a lot of people would use this. I'm making a comedy romance script for the first time and I really like the opening paragraph in your script. They hate because u funny dating monologues than them!!!

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Oh man that place is scary!!!!! Brandi not verified Hi was wondering if I could use this speech for my speech for speech team meet? Wait maybe it skips a generation. Ha-ha but not as fat as that man the window with the beard. Imthelordunicorn aeysha Aww thanks so much for the support, it means so much.

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Stares at piece of paper you just pulled out of pocket WHAT! Well you know I? Wait the man woman is coming out of the house!

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Hmm maybe if I jump in some snow it will wipe off the smell looks around back of car Hey! Opens car door and takes out a bottle Hmmmmm this doesn?

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Hope you all enjoy me and my friend have been working on this for a long time I would like to give a shout-out to Robyn who has been a great friend and supports all my monolouges. I mean look at it all green and leafy and smelling like nature!

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Gabby not verified this is awesome! Your nervous and scared and would love to just turn around and go home.