Gay couples dating pictures tumblr The “Boyfriend Twin” and Our Tendency to Date People Who Look Like Us

Gay couples dating pictures tumblr

Fraley thinks this tendency traces back to the environment where we grew up and points to preliminary findings about race and attractiveness: At least some of our ability to discriminate between partners appears to have been decided a long time ago, so we may as well embrace it.

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Let Me Count the Js: The real question is why and how that works. They have matching puffed-out chests, green plaid shirts, and endearing bedhead.

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People reared in more racially diverse environments appear more likely to find people of other races attractive than people who grew up in racially homogeneous environments. Is the lookalike lover a symptom of excessive self-regard, or is it something more elusive? This phenomenon is not particular to gay men, and people do tend to be drawn sexually to people who look similar to them.

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Forget the homonymous gay coupleswith their quaint troubles of shared first names and confused friends. In one portrait after another, two men with similar expressions pose for the camera with complementary profiles that match all the way down to the chest hair. One Slate colleague told me his partner will demand a wardrobe change if the two men so much as wear the same fabric on the same day.

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Behold the boyfriend twin. Slate Sign In Sign Up.

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And gay couples dating pictures tumblr, many of us are: Sure enough, subjects favored faces that included their own features. The full paper is well worth a read, if only for the surprising and slightly depressing conclusions it draws about how our decisions can be unconsciously influenced by the most mundane of personal factors.

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The boyfriend twin photos keep pouring in. Screenshot of the BoyfriendTwin Tumblr.

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Does that comfort you? Their facial hair was carved by the same blade. But two things are clear: