Gay hookup on cruise ship This is where you can ask the manly men for their opinions on various topics.

Gay hookup on cruise ship

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Switch to Hybrid Mode. Nov 01, 1: New boats like this one are a lot better than budget hotels.

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You could call and see if they have that. People go on cruises to relax. LOL It was pretty sad, so many men and women so overweight. I'm about to embark on my first ever cruise it's not a gay cruise. The crew loves the gays because we drink like fish.

Any tips on meeting people on these things?

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August 28th, Gay Couple on Straight Cruise. RSVP and Atlantis same company have the best cruises. San Juan is the gay Mecca of the Caribbean. I'm sure there are arrangements for dead passengers. Articles that might interest you. This past Christmas I was on the Legend of the Seas and -- same thing. It is not my favorite mode of travel. R23, Just curious, how was the quality of the food? It's weird, you never feel so comfortable.

The ones of the same sex! I was on one cruise when a woman who was traveling with her daughter passed away.

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He was divorced, and sad that he was not able to see his children as often as he liked. If you drink a lot or will be drinking a lot, consider the drink packages.

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August 19th, Internet on board is very expensive and your cell phone data will only work once in port. See previous post How do I meet Gay guys on board.

Going on a STRAIGHT Cruise

People decorate their doors with pictures of themselves, what they're all about, what they're looking for sex? For example, Carnival is a bit trashier VERY slightlybut is generally a more fun and gay hookup on cruise ship crowd. So this year we both decided we wanted to just relax in some luxury and not have to worry about safety. This brought us to the idea of a cruise. Even though they're welcome, MOST ships have an area that is off limits to kids swimming or even entering, but it's not highly enforced.

Holland America was flawless from top to bottom ,impeccable food and staff ,Royal Caribbean was very nice over all as well.

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