Grease trap hook up How to Install a Commercial Grease Trap

Grease trap hook up

Step 1 Know the standards and requirements

Step 1 Know the olivia dating terrence and requirements. In the same way, different states and cities have their own standards for grease traps for commercial establishments.

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Save Cancel youtube layer. This is part of the installation process already because in this grease trap hook up, the provision for the layout for the grease trap should be prepared.

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Link to an eBay page Remove. As such, it is necessary to follow the recommended safety guidelines for installation. Once the restaurant owners know the standards and requirements that are applicable to his commercial establishment, the next step is to identify the possible cleaning problems that the establishment may encounter so that he would be able to choose the right setup of grease trap.

Step 3 Understand the layout of the kitchen draining system.

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How to Install a Commercial Grease Trap carus. Save Cancel link controls layer.

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The third is not to have it installed in garbage waste line to avoid accumulation of waste in the interceptor. For commercial kitchen equipment this is usually found in the manual or installation guide of the product.

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The second is to give enough room for cleaning the interceptor. For example, if cleaning the grease trap would affect the overall operations of the restaurant, then the grease interceptor should be placed at a location that will not affect the restaurant. Are you sure you want to remove this section?

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The provisions should then be constructed based on the layout. In the same way that cleaning problems shall dictate the choice of type of grease trap and location, the kitchen draining system also determines the type of system that the establishment can use. The right provisions for the trap should then be constructed.

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Step 2 Identify possible cleaning problems. Commercial grease traps or interceptors are quite different from residential grease traps.