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Video embeddedMatchmaking problems have been brantford speed dating thorn in gamers.

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What should we call you? Dead enemy continues to show as a stationary red dot on the motion sensor.

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This happened to me twice on The Maw it likely can occur on all CE missions but these were the specific circumstances that I was accidentally able to replicate. Im literally about to snap my disk in half.

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I cant finish H4. Problem is, the users who have downloaded it it dont appear to be.

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As it was to hard for me to guide is body from the banshees. But I also can't access achievements on XBL right now so it could just be because of that. Awakening the Nightmare, Halo: Intro cutscene and Johnson finding Chief cutscene took at least three times as long as normal, due to the fact that the framerate dropped to the point it was probably in single digits sometimes.

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Doesn't happen in Halo 2 classic or Halo 3 I believe. It's crazy that you still can't keep your party together after over a month. Game completely unplayable for several users, here How long can fixing a connectivity bug ….

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If it is the latter, which problems are you planning to address? The Xbox takes longer to load the map if you do.

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Me being put on the other team while I was the party leader. It is still not possible to adjust the master volume for each individual title on the MCC.

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I just find that halo mcc matchmaking bug. It is described later in this thread.

The last bug list was in here for a week tl;dr: I just fall until I die. The Master Chief Collection contains remastered versions of Halo: Those are just a couple of things I have noticed.

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Can you add that in Halo CE, the game doesn't fucking end when the enemy team quits.