Hara dating rumors Goo Hara Denies Dating Rumors With G-Dragon After Group Hangout At Amusement Park

Hara dating rumors

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We hope that there are no unnecessary misunderstandings. VAV open their own 'V' app channel!

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It's embarrassing to even explain ourselves this time. ASTRO confirm they're preparing a special album!

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Discussions from allkpop Forums Hang in there, Sulli and G-Dragon and Hara. Dispatch is known to be the dating rumors to know about celeb relationships Our label just laughed and said, 'G-Dragon gave her a headlock'," said Dara.

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It was then easy for netizens to link the two single celebrities together. They don't have a special relationship. They are just friends.

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I can imagine some others would have probably committed suicide with the depression from reading hate comments. Anyway, I do not see anyone involved here being overly intimidated by fans. Park ponders about life in a set of new teaser images for 'Halftime'. Watch 'Music Bank' Live! The three ladies were also present at G-Dragon's invite-only exhibition "Peaceminusone" held last week in Paris.

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Not with netcitz eyes like a hawk. Hara is close with male models.


Like us and Follow us Follow Koreaportal! Actress Moon Geun Young receives emergency surgery for compartment syndrome. Netzines had shipped g-dragon with every girl that appears with him!

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Have seen some Korean celebrities done that.