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Hes still active dating site

My biggest worry is my daughter, she is VERY attached to him and tells him that he is her best friend and she loves him, and he tells her the same.

5 Reasons Why His Online Dating Profile Is Still Active

It also depends on many factors. However there is one problem: I have run into this problem, where I was unable to delete my info from the site, which I felt was very unfair and would not use that site again nor recommend it to anyone. I felt if he was into me then he would without asking him to.

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I finally pushed him and he admitted he and she had a sexual relationship a long time ago and that he had lied but he felt nothing for her then or now. The still active dating site is in your email subject line and says: There is no reason for him to be on this site. Things seem to be going well but he is still on match. Saying I love you to someone is easy.

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I agree with the advice here — especially the timing — and acknowledge that girls tend to overeact in these matters of the heart so maybe we could all do with a bit of advice to slow down a bit. After that i did what any respectable women would do and i deactivated by online profile.

We dated for two months before we became intimate and I just assumed that we were exclusive.

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I thought it was great because he must have stopped after our convo. His response threw me completely: Hello Brad, I just want to take the time to say thank you very much for your insight and guidance. Yes I have done it.

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Plenty of guys will lie and lie and lie when caught. I do not trust online dating anymore too many bad experiences and too many shady characters.

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If he is logging in…… he is looking or communicating and the bottom line is… you will never be able to trust him completely because this will always be in the back of your mind.