Home entertainment center hook up How to set up the ultimate home theater PC

Home entertainment center hook up

February 11, at When you're done adding all the sections, hit "Next.

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All of those added features cost money—money you could spend on getting the best and biggest TV for your space and viewing distance. My system is 5.

Where Do I Place My Speakers?

Can you help out, any advice is appreciated!! There's something to be said for futureproofing, but if you're not planning to upgrade and make use of the features in months don't bother. You'll need an additional audio cable check out your options below. When using the included microphone, don't just throw it on the couch and hit start.

Then you can run new cables where you want them to go, use twist ties or labels to keep them organized and neatly wrapped, smooth out any kinks and leave yourself slack where you need it, and replace any older video or audio cables with newer compatible ones nothing like tossing out an old home entertainment center hook up cable for a new HDMI one.

Digital coax uses an RCA cable to pass 5.

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Your video sources go into the receiver, and out to your TV and speakers. Unlike the front 3 speakers, surround speakers should be placed anywhere from a couple inches above ear level to 2 feet above ear level, when seated. Older machines require the use of a mini-to-RCA cable.

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Hooking up your computer to your TV goes beyond a video cable. Still, there are some good rules to go by. We'll tackle how to shop for the best components without breaking the bank in a moment, but for now here's a quick list of what you'll need:.

Hooking things up

This is where most people quit; however, the true audioholic is never done with their system. I've been reading up on these options in Wikipedia, but it's confusing as hell to a newbie such as myself.

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Available for Windows and Mac OS, Plex morphs your desktop into a Roku- or Apple TV-like interface, where large tiles and large-font navigation make it easy to control from a distance. Now that we have the general components you'll need, let's look at each one in detail, along with tips on how to shop for each one.

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If you have floorstanding or bookshelf speakers, start by setting your crossover frequency to 80Hz. The on-screen display will then show up on the TV.

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