Hon matchmaking connection timed out WTF KEEP DISCONNECTED from matchmaking or GARENA MESSENGER!!

Hon matchmaking connection timed out

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This can save you 3 minutes of wasted time, as I have never seen a game with disconnects at the beginning end up actually starting, despite waiting the whole time. I took my computer home and my brother showed me HoN, and then I played it. Same issue I made a thread about it in technical support more than 2 days ago It appears this is caused by some sort of communication error and does not fix itself.

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Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. I have probably explained this very wrong but this was my understanding of it A config change was made for HoN.

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I would like to inform you that I have sent the request to our networking department to look into this and try to resolve it as soon as c dating betrouwbaar. Just checked my HoN Heroes of Newerth has you join a random single group, then sit there until enough players happen to also join that group randomly. The only time I have gotten this error was one time mid game when my campus reset it's internet. Also being given an unproxied IP doesn't solve anything this time. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

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I also posted something in the aanet forums. We are still investigating over this issue and we are gathering as much info as we could right now. This is an ISP issue.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I'm not completely off the hon matchmaking connection timed out but HoN does bypass the proxy so why do I still have issues? I've done a lot of searching and a few people have posted this issue across the web, but everyone ignores them or just says "you're just timing out". I have almost never noticed a difference in ping when doing this, though if your connection is very bad you may consider not doing this.

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Are you certain you can access the full games list in the lobby?