Hook up grill to house propane tank How to Connect Propane From a House to a Grill

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January 3, at We did this and love it!

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When colder temperatures become more frequent, your grilling days are numbered. The hvac rep hook up grill to house propane tank know which reg to install.

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The gas line is already in place but I'm not sure how to connect it? Foundation Drain, Framing, Cracking, etc. It appears there is a regulator of some type right at the tank. A two stage set up with a little Joe on the tank and another regulator at the home.

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Save Edits Use Original Image. If I have this right you said he hooked it to the gas line for the home.

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As we wind down another summer season, grilling season is still in full bloom. But I will first call my supplier to make sure there are no issues to be resolved.

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While it sounds like a reasonable idea, you shouldn't hook your gas grill to your home propane tank. Sign me up for the newsletter. IGnatius T Foobar says: Local hardware stores will have the parts needed for the piping and connection, etc.

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Any plumber should be able to make the connection. Kindly use the reply button to add any additional information or additional questions.

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Jimi Contact options for registered users. If you have natural gas you need to swap the grill for one that is configured for gas.

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They ran the gas line outside and left it with a shut-off valve so that I could connect it to my grill. October 5, at 8: And what time should we be there? Step 3 Screw the tank knob clockwise until fully closed.

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Inside the house, the line splits off to feed the grill and continues on to the mechanical room in the basement where it feeds a gas furnace and a 50 gal. Luckily, it was a small 20lb tank twice.

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Thus the cause of the problem is narrowed down further. New Grill - How to hook up to home propane So I bought a grill and now want to hook it up to my home propane setup. Step 2 Uncoil the gas hose and run it from the grill to the house tank without crimping or bending the hose more than 45 degrees. Fast, Fair, Friendly and Highly Proficient Welcome to the DoItYourself Forums!