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Hook up kenwood amp

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Use the mm wrench or head screwdriver Phillips to unscrew clamp of the cable. Take the insulation off one end of the ground wire and clamp on a ring terminal with a pair of pliers.

Gain access to your aftermarket CD receiver or stereo headunit with RCA outputs and remote wire hookup. This will prevent a lot of accidents.

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When your car's factory sound system just isn't enough, upgrade its components to yield a better audio experience. Find an existing bolt in your trunk that you can attach the ground wire ring terminal to. Crimp a ring terminal to one end of your ground wire. Selecting a fuse that is far too large can cause the wire to heat up and cause melted insulation and possibly catch fire.

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Technology has tremendously changed …. Once you have ensured that everything is properly connected, reassemble your car and enjoy the bump! Bench testing a car audio amplifier will allow you to test an ampl ….

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Join the groups with the vehicle and the adapter of the wire harness. Run both the remote wire and the RCA cable through the hook up kenwood amp area and underneath the radio so that you can hide them under the vehicle's carpeting later.

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At this point, you may place the fuse in the fuse holder and attach the power wire that has been fed through the firewall to the fuse holder. It will be connected to the negative terminal of the battery.

How To Hook Up Kenwood Car Stereo With Amp

If you are unable to do so, puncture the grommet a couple of times with a screwdriver and try pushing the power wire through again. Now that you have a successful hook up, enjoy your Kenwood car stereo with amp. This should be opposite to the side the cable of the power supply coming out of the battery. Prep for these fibs.

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Bluetooth W Amplifier Set,6. For people who desire strong sounds from their stereos from Kenwood and want to attach it to the Pioneer amplifier, few people know that the job is quite easy and can be done by people who may or may not have any hook up kenwood amp with cars stereos.

Getting Familiar

Learning how to up a new car amplifier requires some knowledge of wiring and car electronics. Once it's hooked up, take a drive and experience the difference that one amplifier can make to your car's soundscape.

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Be sure to scrape away some of the paint to achieve good conductivity for the ground wire.