Hook up led light my car How to Install Car LED Strip Lights

Hook up led light my car, step 1: under-dash lights

This will allow you to control the tubes independently from a direct power source.

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So we then suggest to install some kind of "fuse protected distribution control panel" that is accessing fuse-protected power directly from the car battery which all your lights can plug into, and that you have easy access to. To come on with headlights: Did this Article Help? Run the wires through from the passenger side to the drivers side connect the negative and positive wires from the LED strip on the passenger side to the wires you just ran through.

Its because of wrong connections while wiring make sure that red goes to red and so forth.

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Oh, forgot to add, also great trouble shooting tips! The picture below was taken on a GM 98 hook up led light my car Commadore - Notice how we had to remove the air duct from behind the dash to exposed all the wires at the back of the fuse box?

Introduction: How to Install Car LED Strip Lights

Thats it, your all done - now all you have to do is put any plastic panels back into place that you may have torn best free online dating sites forum, pack your tools up, and then head off to show your friends what a great look you've just created on your car - Enjoy! I have noted that even the most professional people tend to 'talk' or 'speak' text rather than write out thoughts in the correct formal format.

I was in a rush at the time The ible is about interior lights and it has nothing to do with DRL which am supposed are near headlights. Then firmly wrap the main power wire with in-line fuse attached going to your tubes around this wire, the one you just removed the plastic from - and solder it in place for a good connection.

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Aftermarket lights inside a vehicle are strictly prohibited in some states and counties within those states. Run two separate pieces of wire from the drivers side to the passengers side. By removing one of these bolts and using a connector to slide under the bolt, you can form the ground.

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Have tagged as many tags to express the circuitary. Now that you know what wire to tap into, turn the ignition off, dis-connect the battery and strip the plastic off from around the wire you chose using a razor blade in the spot where you want to tap into it. If there is an optional wire, check the installation sheet to see what it's for. You can see the holes where i tried to feed a wire through, there was something blocking it right about where the shocks mounted.

I then miss information.

Introduction: Under Dash Lighting

This LED controler can reduce the power, so if it's really dark out there, I reduce it or cut it out. If it is, the meter will let you know. If i executed all of them my car would look like a Christmas tree on wheels LOL. The under dash lights can have different settings of when they are turned on.

You will need to run this power wire through one of the "existing holes" in the firewall of your car to reach the battery.