Hook up lights to speakers One more step

Hook up lights to speakers, step 1: what you'll need

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Repeat for all the strands or bars of lights. Thanks for replying Shingkai! Now carefully move the crossover into the enclosure.

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Step 2 Press the two tabs on the back of the left speaker to unlock the terminals and pull out the two wires. Synching Christmas lights to music is easier than you might think. The crossover splits the input from the audio source into high and low frequencies for the individual drivers, but the split is gradual.

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Share Share on Facebook. Once you've got the lights where you want them, mark the spots on the speaker box. I've read online that resistors can help prevent that but I honestly can not figure out what kind of resistors I need. Twist the positive speaker wire together with the bare positive wire on your LED lights and leave the negative LED wire dangling for a moment. Untwist the speaker cable and the light wire at one end and cut a few lights from the section of lights.

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And if you bought it where did you buy it? Place the mounts where you want them to be on the enclosure without the acrylic in between.

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So I gave this a go and it worked pretty beach dating tips, until I put my speakers a little past half way, then the LED's appeared to catch fire and blew out again.

Another awesome instructable for speaker building can be found here: A very helpful tool can be found here: Where did you get the leds and the transistor from? Where would I find such transistors, and can you post a circuit diagram, including powersupply and everything?

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Now you should have two bundles on LEDs. Cut the wire about six inches before the connection.

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Remove the solder and the iron. It's probably a good idea to secure the crossover so it doesn't shift around when the speaker is moved. The Speaker terminal in the picture shows only the speaker wire, not the LED wire running to it. If that is 9 volts, then 9 volt LEDs. Tips Use heat shrink tubing instead of electrical tape for a more flexible connection.

Twist the marked side of the speaker wire to the positive -- usually red -- wire for the LED lights. With the LEDs arranged in parallel, they would each draw too much current with a 9v source hook up lights to speakers they not?

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Without compressing the padding, mark on the enclosure where the screw should go. Well it really depends on the size of your speakers.

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Once the holes are marked, carefully drill them out. Of course, you should cut a hole that fits you're wire terminal plate.

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Connect the rest to ground I'm guessing? About the Author James T Wood is a teacher, blogger and author. Twist the stripped sections together.