Hook up power supply How to install a Power Supply Including Basic Cable Management

Hook up power supply

See the link for very high resolution images. Your fans are either powered off your motherboard with 3 narrow pins at 0. What is your question? In many cases you will also receive a fan filter that can be removed and cleaned so this is a preferred orientation for mounting power supplies in modern computer cases.

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This is all dependent on the components that comprise your system, their required power consumption added together, and then compared to the maximum power your power supply can output to those components. The second cable to plug in would be the 8 pin power connector. I will, however, refer you all to check out a great resource known as www. For connecting your motherboard, there should be a pin on the right side of the board near the RAM slots and there should be an 8-pin on the top left of the board. Tom's Hardware Around the World.

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Judge whether you have an understanding of what the computer is composed of and how it works together. Does it matter which I cable I connect? Here is a picture of your motherboard for reference: S I wanted to reply and I down voted your comment by accident sorry.

Within the last few years many computer case manufacturers have incorporated cable management holes within the motherboard mounting plate. Are you a gamer, graphic designer, movie maker, photo editor, programmer, etc.? The PSU is screwed in place using four standard ATX case screw, make sure you can see all four before screwing it into place, as it is possible to get the PSU the wrong way around.

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The power requirements of any system the power supply will be placed in. Does it matter which I cable I connect? It'll dictate how much hardware you can have installed and how efficient the whole system can run. The next two images will display this step.

Put a new PSU in your PC - it's easier than you think

I have used this resource many times and highly recommend it to anyone looking for power requirement information. Can you confirm which PSU plug should be used for each of my components, please? As connectors and requirements have increased or changed over the years, instead of making older PSUs redundant companies have simply offer adaptors. You need connect only the power leads that your motherboard or other components need. In conclusion, we covered a few differences in power supplies, how to determine your maximum power requirement and match that to a 80 Plus certified power supply, as well as installing a power supply and basic cable management skills.

I'm almost finished with assembling my first PC, and it's gone rather well so far largely thanks to the Tom's forums. Tidy up A tidy case is a happy case. However, I'm a bit puzzled at where some of the power supply's plugs and cords are supposed to go.

It's always worth taking a little time to wrap, tuck and tie-up cables for a neat finish, plus your mum would be proud Sponsored link: As always this is a free document for anyone and everyone. One of the hook up power supply and most annoying things that can happen to anyone replacing a power supply is to get a DOA Dead On Arrival unit without knowing it until you have it completely installed into your computer.

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If nothing happens then this is a sign that your power supply is faulty and needs to be returned for a working unit. On top of those connectors you'll want standard 4-pin Molex connectors for general hook up power supply peripherals, Serial ATA hooks up power supply for hard drives and for high-end graphics cards enough 6-pin or 8-pin PCI Express power connectors. If he's still plugging in cables he can't exactly take screenshots can he.

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No one starts out in this world with knowledge of such materials as computers. We will be focusing on making sure you have everything hooked up to power that is necessary for your system to function and some simple cable management techniques. Discover your budget for your power supply and try to build a system that meets the power rating of a reliable power supply within that budget. Well, extremely easily in fact.