Hook up thermostat outdoor wood boiler how to wire my thermostat for blower to run for out door wood boiler heat?

Hook up thermostat outdoor wood boiler, if you have any installation questions at all, please call randy at (608) 399-4847!

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Plumbing connections should be well insulated after installation. Your second thermostat is wired for heat only, again read the instrcuctions that come withthe stats and attach the two wires as instructed.

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I am doing the same set up. You then set the temperature with thermostat number 2.

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I have a propane gas furnace. Log in or Sign up.

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So what will happen here is, when you are in the heat mode with no call for aux illary heat the 24v will come down the Yellow wire and feed the G terminal via the normally closed contacts in the relay. This is normal and will occur anytime too much water has been added. The above video courtesy of Biomass Direct shows how to install a water to water plate heat exchanger!

If auxillary heat is called for, W will energize from the aux cntacts in the thermostat and turn the furnace on.


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Again I am not going into the wiring here as it gets too long winded and depends on your furnace controller type. Does it mean it has both?

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He will need two tstats for that the scenario, the one to call the fan for the woodstove would have to be set for cooling, and then he probably would hook up thermostat outdoor wood boiler relay isolation for the two. When the fire goes out the circuit will re-close and the system will operate normally. Red for the R terminal. If installing extensions, use supports as directed by pipe manufacturer. Right normal path left boiler path.

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Dec 11, Messages: Bleeding the Heat Exchangers With the pump running prime and flush bearings first! This would engage the fan for x time and you'd push it when lighting. Call us at for a dealer near you and a free information packet.

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Go to the closest bar and shout who is a HVAC guy there is one in every bar offer him a case of beer to come over and wire it for you. The wire uses for this should be special shielded wire and completely separate form the other thermostat wires.

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See RC above for an explanation. Nothing is wrong with the equipment, it is in great shape.