How to get better matchmaking wot How To Get Better Matchmaking Wot

How to get better matchmaking wot

Tank Destroyers, Artillery, and Light tanks will be placed evenly on each team, with no more than one additional of those tank types on either side. I have made some totally embarrassing moves causing my instant doom We get a lot of compliments on our sound compared to the.

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I'll abstain from invectives. This gives games a solvable exp ression for the algorithm, and puts a player with "skills" in a match.

How Matchmaking Works

This system also tries to take into account the speed of matchmaking to avoid long wait times. Here is the result: You'll get plenty of chances to prove it.

If they did, there would be incessant complaints about it. RichardNixon 5 Posted 18 November - Tanks should have the highest view range and they should get how to get better matchmaking wot guns and better gun handing to go. I have been on both ends of epic wins and shocking fail team looses.

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This will work for all categories except 5, because no one wants a category 5 on their team. Hypersuper 17 Posted 03 March - But that raised the question: I registrated for Amored Warfare and guess what?

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OgiTerminator, on 15 April - Also, somebody pls reset the "No skilled based mm thread" counter to 0 as I'm too lazy XD. If match making would be skill based then the high rated players would get a disadvantage, as they would always have a bunch of low rated hangarounds on their team, and the low rated players would always have a bunch of higher rated persons to protect them.

Please try to read and don't ruin this thread with off-topic comments. The middle is where you want to be.

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PS If individual tank values are used for the mm system, then maybe an adjustment for the amount of research done on a tank could be included too.

There is nothing wrong in the random MM and it creates huge amount of emergent content you can enjoy as soon as you choose to take it for what it is. BogyOne 3 Posted 02 March - For instance, if there is a Type 5 on one team and top tier tanks with less armor on the other, the Type 5 will not likely be destroyed, since arty has essentially no effect now.

This guide for World of Tanks T.

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The one thing that I am seeing more of since the update is bottom tier battles. As in, the assymetrical battlefield of.

Hurk 13 Posted Apr 21 - So, if you are looking for a tank "simulation" this isn't the game for you. First things first, this is my opinion.

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Combined with player skill, this can mean that one team's artillery performance will be through the roof, while the other team's will be missing left-right and centre. However, recently a change was made to the matchmaker in order to attempt to place two "failtoons" against each other, which helps mitigate this issue.

Although I meant too, I forgot to convey, vampyrii, that I knew that paragraph wasn't your thoughts but the other person you were quoting.

A similar issue exists when one team has good players in the top top tiers, and the other team has tomatoes. Walter49, on Apr 21 - However, players often confuse battle tiers and their vehicle's tier. GrumblingGrenade 1 Posted 15 November - This needs to change!