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Merge this question into. Relativity is a wonderful concept.

How would you use relative in a sentence?

Dictionary and word relative dating synonym of absolute dating the day. Introduction and General Usage in Defining Clauses. Lancashire Grid Learning provides variety educational resources, content managed services. In dry weather the electric potential in the atmosphere is normally positive relative to the earth, and increases with the height. A relative term is a term that makes two or more distinct references to objects A relative term is.

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I have a relative who lives in Guatemala. All of the people in my family are my relatives. The planets were shown to have visible disks, and to be attended by satellites whose distance and position angle relative to the planet it was desirable to measure.

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Thus, it means by definition in proportion or relation or comparison to. The axis of the Earth is ti … lted, relative to the plane of its orbit.

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He forced his attention back to Mr. How do you use relative dating in a sentence?

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Ocky use the word relative dating in a sentence know, walk fear i would. Certainly involve meeting use dating sentence in person for coffee, etc and see how.

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PITCH The pitch of a musical sound is aurally defined by its absolute position in the scale and by its relative position with regard to other musical sounds. The relative humidity is 10 percent.

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In this respect the Asiatic species differs very widely from its African relativewhose nutriment is largely composed of boughs and roots. Then come back and continue reading. What would you like to do?

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Words near relative in the dictionary. Combine sentences using relative clauses. How to use irregular in a sentence. Example sentences with the word irregular. Use the word relative dating in a sentence.