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I really didn't need his grandparents to know that my first conversations with their grandson revolved around a true story I stuck on my profile describing the time I, at the age of 21, accidentally swallowed a Canadian dollar coin. We met up after a couple failed attempts, and have been somewhat inseparable since then. I go to visit, while I'm there they throw a party, a friend of the wife and I hit it off, now we're married and living in Illinois. POF is bottom of the barrel as far as dating sites go, but i ain't ashamed.

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Choose your username Your username is how how we met dating website community members will see you. I met my husband on Myspace when I was studying abroad in another country. Over the holidays when he was back in DC, I met all of his friends and his family - and that's where the inevitable "so how did you all meet? It had been a few years for personal and professional reasons that I had engaged in any type of sexual activities, so I threw caution to the wind and agreed.

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Dating was difficult—it was hard meeting people in the nightlife scene, and almost everyone was either taken or on vacation or both —so I decided to try online dating. I wasn't even considering dating after I dumped him a few weeks later, but for some reason I really clicked with him. My cover story is that we met through mutual friends. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit.

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I never realized how many people want to know where we met until we got married. We ended up talking for the first time on AIM randomly, the conversation went something like: I say forcibly because I was all like "No, we just met, no I can't I tell people we met on OKCupid because we were too cheap to go through the paid sites. He got to town, we continued exchanging messages, and feeling particularly brave, I invited him to just come straight over to my place for a beer to see if we even hit it off.

A casual online date really can turn into a marriage.

I posted a fake craigs list "missed connection," as a joke to see what kind of weirdos would respond, and one guy was so funny that we started chatting and dated for a while. We dated on and off for 6 years, I'm 26 now and I think I've only told my husband and one or two other people how I really met that guy.

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If people happened to ask how we met, he'd just say that we were "old friends". But alas, it wasn't.

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I learned a bit about him, and we sent a few messages back and forth over then next few months, though infrequently. So as they're going around the room I'm panicking inside hoping they don't ask us, trying to figure out a reason to go into the other room until the conversation is over, when we get how we met dating website with the question.

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September I tell people we met on OKCupid because we were too cheap to go through the paid sites. We tell them we met through a friend, which is not false, we met through a friend in the game.

After that date, we both deactivated our OkCupid profiles and started communicating like normal people. The courtship was pretty short and sweet. His pick up line was: Already have an account?