I saw my friends boyfriend on a dating site Saw my friends boyfriend on here do I tell her or him?

I saw my friends boyfriend on a dating site

saw my best friend's BF on a dating site

Perhaps, you could make a flying comment about it? I like the advice of whoever said to make up a hypothetical friend and then ask her what she would do.

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Register using your email. This way if he finds out you are telling her he can't just delete everything and deny it.

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But goodness, don't worry about him having nowhere to go! Remember, this isn't happening to you. Sounds like a complete and utter waste of space this steve bloke, TBH mate i would tell her and give the prick the shaft Register for free to chat in our forum and access your local Netmums site.

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This one is going to take your Inspector Gadget sleuthing skills to the next level. A female ageanonymous writes: I've been working with this girl for a few months now.

So how in the world how he would have three year olds as "friends" according to his myspace from neighboring cities is absurd.

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Confront him, tell him to tell her or you will. Plus, your friend's partner will know they are busted and won't have a lot of time to save face or make up excuses. Just to get a better understanding, I have two questions first: If my friend knew some shady stuff was going on or even if she suspected and didn't tell me I would probably have a really hard time trusting her to have my back in the future that's if I even continued to be friends with her.

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Typical guy that has no manners and no drive to better ones self. I would want to be told, so I would tell. Instead of telling her with no evidence that is a clear sign that she might start thinking you are trying to start something. Ditch the dude, he will mooch until you cut him off.