Idol dating scandal how many idol careers actually suffered because of a dating scandal?

Idol dating scandal

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Both labels responded that the two were friends in a common group of people who share similar interests. They are really popular among female Idols.


But to me, he hasn't been the same since. Krystal says she worked really hard to perfect her Goddess character in 'Bride of the Water God'.

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He got married and knetz still hate him. Feb 12, Messages: Mar 15, Messages: The latest official comment made by YG Entertainment, says that the rumors were not true at all, and G-Dragon is busy with working for his solo album. However, both entertainment labels denied the scandal, and things quieted down since then.

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He's never changed HIS story, but she's totally contradicted herself, been outed as a liar and proven to have falsified evidence - which is why the criminal trial associated with this scandal has CHOI HYE MI as the idol dating scandal. Like Us on Facebook.

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Then the KHJ abuse and pregnancy scandal. Jin, doing programs with her, seemed to have gotten very close with her.

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Idol's careers were ruined by many other things but never because of dating! Of course now she's doing well, but right after the "scandal" it was such a bad time. Nov 1st OHAS: Sign In Need an account? They will cherish their memories together and cheer each other on as good industry co-workers and friends.