Im dating julian on high school story I’m dating julian on high school story

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I paired Julian with some random character He sometimes lets his temper cloud his judgement, making him more prone to rash decisions, but he would never allow this to happen on the football field. For example if you make Julian and Autumn date he will specifically call Autumn his girlfriend in a quest, but if they aren't dating he won't.

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Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. I'm planning on making Julian and Autumn date. Julian is dating Autumn in my HSS! It is hinted at numerous times that Julian and Autumn like each other. Giselle My main character is dating Julian but Julian and autumn always flirt.

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I know a lot of people have paired their MC with Julian, but also a lot have people have paired him up with Autumn and Payton and Nishan and anyone else you can think of. She likes him too and it's heavily hinted they should be together.

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I n Dream TeamJulian mentions he is not very good at throwing and specifically states this is why he is a Runningback and not the Quarterback. My bad but now he's online official with someone else so I kinda dont wanna b evil and break da relationship. I want everyone to be happy, so maybe I'll just pair Payton with a prep guy and Kallie with Julian. He also mentions in Do You Know Julian?

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Dating Julian Apr 17, 7: But don't expect to have your im dating julian on high school story to become couple with Julian. He doesn't think of himself as a leader though, no matter how many times someone has pointed this out.

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I also put Sakura and Nishan together! One of my other characters were dating him, and it seemed like he likes Payton or Autumn, so I broke them up. I generally found comment about Julian being 'hot' a bit weird.

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The main story characters include: And off the field? I like the prep guy that she's dating. I just think they are super cute together.

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He appears to get jealous easily, such as when Autumn first introduced him to Weswhen Ezra made a move on Payton and when Connor reintroduces himself to Kallie but this may just be him being overprotective of his female friends. Julian May have a crush on your character but not as big as he has on Autumn, Payton likes him but she is so dreamy when Ezra is around, later on in the game Wes starts to impress Mia and Nishan and Sakura make a brilliant couple!

Also with Payton, I have her with my first jock and they're online official but I did that pretty early on so I never seen any of the flirting between Payton and Julian except for when she looked sad when Julian picked her up. I mean, with Julian hugging Autumn and the clear show of affection. PattyEffinMayo Julian dates Autumn in mines he actually admits that she's his girlfriend I took a screen shot sakura and nishan are dating and in het quest she calls him her boyfriend my main character dates a jock that started the school with me Ezra and Payton are together and I have Wes and mia together they are all online official everybody claims everybody it's so cute.

Copyright - ChapterCheats. Though that's probably just me. His teammates respect 27 dating a 40 year old trust him completely despite the short amount of time they've been playing together. Personally, I don't have any of the main characters dating each other.

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