Im dating my teachers daughter I think my teachers daughter likes me

Im dating my teachers daughter

Follow 16 She is furious with me and the parents like the teacher and want him to see their daughter as they feel he is a very nice man and a good person. I really like him and there's no guy like him. I wanted to stop thinking about him or whatever falling in love with him but I couldn't.

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As a female high school teacher in love with and dating my former student, I can share your joy. After that, I went home and we texted all day. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

He's a student teacher and he's leaving the school and it sucks because we found each other in place where we can't date and it hurts.

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Related Questions More Answers Below I met this girl who ticks off every box on my list except she's slept with 16 guys and cheated. He is not teaching at school now and they want to start a relationship. Plus there has been numerous occasions when he defended me as you stated you've done for your man. She is telling them saying they did not have sex and that she started relationship at Related Questions How do teachers im dating my teachers daughter if a student is smart? He may smell good, we could see the board better from there, or we had a better view of the cute guy on the other side of the room from that particular seat.

I'm glad you didn't care what anyone thought and you found your own happiness to be with him. Basically, I met a lovely boy at a party a few weeks ago.

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As for why you might think it'd be awkward, it's probably because if you went over her house I took nothing for granted, because every moment we had together in the classroom as JUST teacher and student was great, but the bond we built was something greater. Basically he could be my father, but he never acts like an old man.

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However unlike you we didn't completely remain pleutonic, there was two seperate incidents during my senior year where we briefly made out a little. We love spending time together and even if we do part some day life is crazy and you never know what will happen the happiness and beauty he has brought into my life is priceless and something I could never recreate. This is such a romantic story!!!

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If and when you have the chance please provide me with feed back with your opinion since I believe we we are in a im dating my teachers daughter situation yet the difference my professor is a college instructor and of course I'm a college student. I have a little crush on my teacher, who is 9 years older than me.

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We do not promise accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any advice and are not responsible for content. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. I teach grade 9 so I get the young kids in my class.

It's just unbelievably cute story.


Thank you for sharing your experience though! Don't break up with her because of the situation, though. If your story was written into a book, I would definitely read it. His 24th birthday was in two days and I was planning on asking to take him out, but I didn't want things to be weird since I had JUST graduated and people might see us together and suspect that we had done wrong in the working-environment.

We shared so much in common, and connected mostly through our mutual love for music.

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So as for you-be her friend first and get to know her. I feel that way too sometimes about my guy.

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You'v clearly led a terrific romance, and I wish many more years to you. If she likes you then she either thinks your cute or dont care about your looks so you shouldnt either. I'm in love with my teacher's daughter? Let them figure things out on their own.

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But does there seem to be any signs of maybe us being together in the future.