Infj and intp dating 4 Reasons Why INFJs and INTPs Are Highly Compatible with Each Other

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In and dating to find satisfaction in a long-term relationship, INTPs desire a partner who is interesting in regularly joining them in intellectual or philosophical dialogue. Much like roller coasters give us the thrill without the danger, you described the only type of small talk I can have: Sceptical and difficult to know the INTP is wary of close emotional involvement as emotions tends to be slightly outside their own life-space and if someone gets too close too soon they close down. NTPs in general have an incredible sense of humor INTPs are amazingly articulate and precise when communicating their thoughts.

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Which is great, because it develops my world very nicely. Both types will feel that the other provides a balance and completeness to their lives.

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Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. The INFJ has a keen ability for focusing on one thing at a time. I wouldn't know if that specific type and gender pairing is destined for smooth sailing and easy waters always, but then again, who is?

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Without this key and dating, INTPs may struggle to find reasons to value or want to spend time with their partners. These attractions are hard to shake once they get off the ground. Still looking for an answer? Though I may be saying all of this a little premature; I feel that this may be my match.

Edited because I'm tired. We were extremely close as young children, but her religiosity and mental illness Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder, and Bipolar Depression have made her seem too fragile for us to relate on such a deep level since we were teens.

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I had to go out there and search every single introverted type with its traits and then see if they match with my oddness, to see which type I am. Event "show" ; if this. The INTP is very independent, deep and private yet can at times seem totally outspoken because of their directness of communication and economy of words speaking only when there is something to say.

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INFJ are complex and kind of weird. He should be thanking me! And then for me it's like, 'somebody noticed how I think and they liked it Our functional stacks are super complimentary. When it comes to compatibility, male INTPs probably have the fewest options of all the Myers-Briggs personality types. My husband doesn't bore me like a lot of people do. Since I am in this one, I can give my theory on why these types fall for each other: Searching for group homes.

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After your reply to another post, I thought, "why is this guy interested in an INFJ pairing when his girlfriend of 3 years is not that type?

Completely agree with this and I was thinking along the same lines myself - the ENFJ I know kinda picks up on all these quirks in the way that I think. We are assing each other to oblivionnnnnnn.

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INTP are curious as fuck and probably get fulfillment from learning for different reasons but as a pair this deep need gets met for both partners. Daughter getting a full-time job. I felt compelled to learn the why and how of modern Japanese Comedy Humor frequently on youtube ; I finally found and then understood Rakugo. This page may be out of date. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.