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Me neither actually, but that's because I've only been in three relationships including the one I'm in right now. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. Apr 8, 9. Rarely do we see lesbians of colour accurately or well represented within LGBT community.

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I swear I'm not racist! The vibe I share with a interracial dating in the lesbian community woman just isn't comparable to that I've shared with a white women. Hey, I don't think you should be worried, I would definitely date a black girl, or different race girl if i didn't have a girlfriend of course.

I can safely say I don't feel quite the same with a white woman as I do a black woman. Apr 8, 8. The indigenous people aren't Hispanic at all. Please don't let stereotypes hold you back. Look at some of those soap operas from Mexico, South America, etc.

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I'm Veronica Ray, the newest addition to the roster of bloggers at Our Lives. Anonymous July 19, at 1: Black women are my preference but I am open to love wherever I can find it. Frankly it's the same as black men who get blinded by white pussy.

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Black women are pretty much a reflection of oneself. I could be happy for her if she didn't cheat, and move in with another woman, someone she hardly knew, but I can't.

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To all of you, have a good day. Anonymous February 2, at I mean this from a BW to BW prospective.

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Here sorry for the poor pixelated quality. I'm a black lesbian and want to do interracial dating Discussion in ' Anonymous Sexual Orientation ' started by AnonymousFeb 9, And this may just be my bi-ness, but I will date someone if they are any size, gender, gennder expression, or race if they have a good soul and like my family and shower lol.

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As a lover of desi girls the chick that plays priya on big bang theory Why is that associated with whites but not blacks? It's not that I don't find other women attractive or beautiful but for me IF I was ever to go there I know I would definitely have a "type" physically at least and that she would be black.

They are both equally disappointing.

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Why tf y'all keep tagging me in this shit. It seems most black women are adamant about dating within their race, this includes lesbians.

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