Intp enfp dating INTP/ENFP compatibility discussion.

Intp enfp dating

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The harder you push the idea, the harder they push back. I dont mind being told what to do, that is unless i know how to do it, giving me suggestions work better.

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His possessive, somewhat controlling behavior has really been a turn off. The real difference is that if he will listen what someone says and disagrees at some point and some way doesent dating listeninghe will listen to the end and wont say if he disagrees or sees something differently, i on the other hand stop you and ask for clarification on something if i need it.

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Here are some reasons why:. My experiences with ENFPs have been very smooth. I guess it's because I know so few people, I have a hard time giving up those I know.

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Before calling it quits, however, I like to think things through to make sure it's what I really want. Add Thread to del. The ENFP-INTP relationship can just go stumbling on through the night without ever really addressing the underlying differences until something finally explodes and they detest one another.

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Or I'll think about going to a friend's house I haven't seen in a while he doesn't like any of my friends, and he refuses to let me leave his side so it's hard to visit people he doesn't like Eventually they just seem to hit too many bumps and say fuck it.

If we seem clingy, mushy, wanting to know if you are okay with usthats why, or at least a good part of why.

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Sometimes relationships can stop Ne from naturally gathering information for growth. Results 1 to 10 of My mom rants quite alot about stuff to me and i dont find her emotional reaction to stuff she rants about thats the stuff she mostly rants about crazy or inappropriate in any way, because she explains the situations pretty well. I dont find ENFPs dumb, i think they are very dating in many ways, maybe not always in the same stuff that i shine, but im not that good at stuff they are good at.

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Last Jump to page: You are aware of the issues you are having, but have you spoken up about them?