Is it easy to hook up on a singles cruise 10 Things Every Solo Cruiser Should Know

Is it easy to hook up on a singles cruise

It's wonderful to have a cabin to yourself. But others clearly chose to be single.

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Men rent a black tux for formal nights and woman wear a little black cocktail dress. Although I was tempted to book all of my shore excursions and entertainment options before I left home.

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Even if you're not looking to hookup, a singles cruise is a great way to travel solo but still feel part of a group and not like some weird outsider like you might on a normal cruise.

Thank you, LauraS Community Manager. Others show up for every group activity. So how accurate was my research? Send me my free excerpt. Although most will be polite, they'll still look at you like you're a one-eyed jackalope that's just sprouted wings. BB code is On. He even put it this way. On This Page People won't understand. It's like we are our own race. Like a previous poster said, find a sailing that is also a singles cruise. One woman I met onboard had just broken up with her boyfriend the night before and chose to take the trip anyway.

Check out Spring Break or early summer cruises. Thinking it just depends on the sailing. Prepare for lots of confusion when you tell fellow passengers that you're onboard without a companion.

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The cruise has to be on spring break. Bring your smile and open mind to a new adventure, and enjoy your well deserved vacation cruise. We never see the sunrise but we watch it set from the harbor.

1. People won't understand.

Cruise Critic reserves the right to remove any content in its sole discretion. Go to an all inclusive resort or cancun.

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It happens occasionally but don't count on it. Back to Top Top.

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You can serve your country at 18, 17 with your parents consent, but you can't take a vacation on a cruise by yourself Some people just enjoy traveling alone and meeting new people.

At the mixer, I meet men and women from all over North America and few Europeans. For example, in a single day at sea, I:. Switch to Threaded Mode. If you haven't, don't rule out the concept just yet. We love things people that who aren't from here hate Another fellow passenger said he simply woke up one morning and decided to book a trip, but none of his friends could afford to join him. Later in the week, a pair of new friends joined me for the sailing's last two nights, thus saving me from further embarrassment.

He went on a cruise with us 2 years ago and really loved it. Crew members are on strict orders that hooking up with passengers is forbidden. Any company or person s that interfere with that mission risk losing their posting privileges.

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Good luck to all!! Understand, too, that our community is comprised of folks who LOVE to cruise.