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This can be challenging, hence Beyond Chai! Finding the right spouse is probably one of the most difficult tasks we face during our lifetime. And so, through our specialist Shariah Advisors and experienced personnel, we provide a host of services to help you at all stages of the process.

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The matchmaker will spend 45 minutes to get to know you during the consultation call and propose 3 to 5 matches over 12 month islamic matchmaking service depending on the desired preference the clients may receive additional matches.

If you selected a one-to-one service, our Matchbox team will go on a search for individually compatible partners and make one-to-one introductions.

Personalized matchmaking for the Muslim community… a better way to find your spouse.

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Hire your own personal matchmaker that will become your personal advocate. Be it in the form of signing up for multiple websites, apps, inquiring about matches from different family members, communities, etc.

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After reviewing compatible profiles and giving you the chance to meet through one to one introductions, the Matchbox team undertakes a full background check, meeting the family and even friends of your potential spouse, confirming everything from health, education and employment details. While matches are not guaranteed, your profile is curated to pair you up with one of our regularly paying clients. Rest assured, your privacy is never compromised during this search process.

It is a constant flow of communication between you and your matchmaker as they get to know you, and you in turn, get to know them.

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Your matchmaker will provide advice and guidance along the way. Beyond Chai takes on the overwhelming nature of the search for a spouse and makes it easy for you.

Matchbox events take the pressure out of finding a spouse.

BeyondChai is a property of MD inc. Dare to Think Bigger. Here at Muslim Family Matters, we understand that the journey of getting married can be both difficult and daunting. We understand that it is incredibly time consuming and uncomfortable to embark on the journey of finding a spouse. The matchmaker will go the extra step to islamic matchmaking service proof select matches up to 2 for additional vetting by contacting either their friends, family, and or others in their respective community.

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He commented that the demand for these relationships is initiated and led by the women, not the men. But because we are dispersed in various regions of America and the West, many Muslims want to have the opportunities to get to know one another before forming a lifelong partnership. What makes us different We make the process of finding a spouse easier.

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