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Kpop dating gossip

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Over the various years he's complained, talked about, praised, and bitched about various actors and idols. Thus, there have been many assumptions about their secret lives by fans. Love was still in the air in Jun 1, Messages: The footage has since been deleted, but already among idol groups it is known, and many people have made their displeasure or support known.

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EXO played up their skinship with Baekhyun to divert dating gossip away from the blooming couple, and after SM gave their permission, SNSD also went to lengths to divert attention by using their own existing relationships as a distraction. Who do you think is the cutest couple? Even veterans like SNSD are not immune to these jokes. In the midst of f x 's Krystal and EXO's KAI coming out as couple, past posts talking about their relationship have come up to the surface.

Rain has announced that he will be making a dating gossip in November or December this year but before fans can celebrate, he also raised the subject of retiring from singing and dancing. The couple met through actress Han Seol Ah and became close soon after.

YJS is in his mids and he's not going to be able to run 3 simultaneous relatively permanent shows on top of whatever temporary projects he decides to take on.

(Girls' Generation) Yuri & Oh Seung Hwan

There are some idol couple pictorials have been compiled for you. MissA's Min and G. Update your email address Unfortunately we were unable to retrieve your email address during sign up.

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According to the Mag-Bungs, there were many couple items to prove they went out; from laptop to sunglasses. While Park Bom and YG Entertainment still embroiled in the issue over her "The Black Label" contract, fans are wondering what will happen to the former 2NE1 main vocalist's solo career.

20 Korean celebrity couples who announced their relationships in 2016

The couple emit sexy chic chemistry there. SM is trying to groom Heechul to take on the role but he's still got a long way to go, and its got the industry worried. Adorable 4 couples that look like so real have been compiled. The "prime" ugghh age for "acquisition" and here I am quoting directly "appears to be idols aged or trainees as young as 12". Managers have been seen telling their groups to not interact with other groups, and even among well-known friendships, agencies have been known to be upset that the groups have any sort of friendship.

No one was safe; even certain members of the big groups have been offered for "sale", although apparently the prices were a bit too high for most men's taste and, disturbingly enough, were often too old to be considered.

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Wedding invitation, first house, Paris dating gossip, and more revealed! You must be logged in to! They look good with each other indeed.

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The girl in question has recently been admitted into therapy after an attempted suicide that the agency managed to cover up, saying she went to the hospital for unrelated reasons.

She's apparently just honestly really happy to be there. You are using an out of date browser.

(f(x)) Sulli & Choiza

The latest denial by YG that it has signed the dating gossip under their sub-label comes as a big blow to Blackjacks who have been missing her in the music scene. Things were hard for the couple after the relationship came public, but they tried their best to make it work.

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Twice looks up to both groups and it would probably hurt them a lot to hear of this. Photo shoot is the most effective way to give a big impression of them to fans. Who are the buyers? On one of the year end shows, the rivalry became so intense that two girls ended up fighting backstage during rehearsals. It is uncertain, however, how long the show will be on hiatus. After going public with their love, it was soon announced that the couple are to get married in after dating for over 3 years.

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