Lagos nigerian dating scams What A Nigerian Facebook Scam Looks Like

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The whole familiar story that I am reading on here, he's an oil rig contractor …. I have seen many other apparent American serviceman who appear to be based no where near an … Nigerian Woman Scammer claiming to be from St.

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Alice Shandra 19 tokunbo ajayi str. The Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is tasked with cracking down on con men like these. I didn't waste quite as much time with this one as I did the first one because the red flags started going up quickly; once bitten, twice shy. Second, these guys are really trying hard! He will send you checks to cash and then take that money ….

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The pictures below, except where noted otherwise, are samples of those they pick up around the Web and use to establish their fake identities. Honestly I love the fact that you liked …. I'd proceed VERY carefully. He never lies and believes in God. You will have a better idea of the sort of person you are dealing with if you check the text they may have posted or mail they may send.

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A little experienced of scams, I doubted all of that. How cruel to mess with someones heart like that. Wife died of renal failure 10 years ago. His wife Lizzy ….

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In retrospect there were many other signs that should have alerted me that all this couldn't be real but if someone hadn't told me about the "Nigerian Dating Scam" on the first date of his alleged arrival, I'm afraid i would have lost more.

He may well have a cell 'phone on the desk, to take calls from potential victims he has been grooming. The one good photo I have is of a cute white guy with blue eyes,kinda young looking.

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I cannot believe any of you women lost money or almost lost money due to these scams! He has asked for a I-Phone for his son's birthday and can't get one in Lagos.