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Legends of chima laval and eris dating

Retrieved from " http: Laval and Eris drive a tank around Chima and discover a plot by Cragger to steal all of.


Eris the Eagle and find out all about Laval. Laval and Eris the Eagle take a Lion tank for a ride; Cragger employs beavers in an elaborate plot.

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In episode 10, it is revealed he has a crush on Eris. Laval then summons Gorzan to help retrieve the chi from the gorge Laval falls into the gorge and tries to get out.

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Back at the Wolf camp Crooler steals a pack tracker truck with all the wolves chi but is captured, which causes Cragger to retaliate. He accepts and releases Lagravis as Laval's exile is undone saying Chima needs him and he happily agrees.

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Legends of Chima- Eris x Laval tribute. She loves adventures and puzzles, and can spin a yarn like no other creature.

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Her clothing was adorned with strips of blue fabric. Lagravis became very proctive of him.

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At Lavertus's base he's back to his old self which Eris likes. Flinx is the Son of Fluminox. Many animals think they are dating, but although they have deny it many times, they do have a crush on each other.

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Eris next to Laval and Lagravis. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected.

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As Laval and Cragger have a race in the Crocodile Swamp to celebrate their newly-restored friendship, Crooler goes to the Gorilla's Funky Forrest, hoping to get Gorzan to speed up the process for the Persuader Plant to grow.

In the end the Wolves were so fed up with the overdemanding Crocs that they faked their own defeat just to let their prisoners be freed and go away.

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Retrieved from " http: The CHI falls of Mt.