Lets talk hookup 1090 Pioneering idea spurs 25 years of sportfishing radio in San Diego

Lets talk hookup 1090

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He never tires of the fish and the fight — and never will. Then, Gray hooked up.

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Later, we shadowed a to foot hammerhead shark. So the moment Gray, friend Ron Lane and I clung to bent rods with pound yellowfin tuna dictating terms while fish boiled bow and stern Wednesday, the laughs and high-fives rained down. At one point during the day, a finback whale circled the boat.

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He would become violently seasick, but returned to the water again and again. They answer jammed phone lines to counsel novices and experts mining for the next saltwater edge.

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Gray started fishing in San Diego with his father as a 7-year-old. The show moved around, eventually landing on The Mighty The show quickly gained traction. San Diego, though, remains home — the heart gay dating woking an oddball idea that blossomed into the adventure of a lifetime.

You see Gray in a moment like that and you understand. A radio show has allowed Gray to fish everywhere from the remote jungles of Venezuela to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.

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Gray looked over as we motored back into the marina at Shelter Island. Gray chummed the let talk hookup 1090 with small sardines as I cast from the stern.

We used light line, to pound test, with small No. At the end of the show, Poole leaned in: Bryce Miller Contact Reporter.

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The first guest was the late Bill Poole, the pioneer of long-range fishing in San Diego. Seconds later, line screamed out.

He fiddles with tackle. He updates website reports. Then, Lane watched his rod spring to life.

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