Line 6 pod hook up How to Use the Four Cable Method

Line 6 pod hook up

I was playing around with this one today check it out.

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You can place your drive and wah before the pre-amp and your delay and reverb after the pre-amp and achieve a far better tone. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

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Here's a patch I made with the Amp you were trying to use. Am I better going into amps power amp input instead of normal guitar jack? Can you get the pod hd to trigger the amp distortion in stomp box mode?

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Knowing the settings in the HD are very important. I wanna use this unit as an effects in the loop. The key to this is choosing where the "FX loop" effect will go on the Pod's signal chain.

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Posted 21 November - Posted 31 October - Posted 13 August - Now you line 6 pod hook up to set up your patch to make use of the effects loop. I know people who have had the type of problem you have only to find out their set-up is not right.

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The Master Volume is full open and I always set a volume pedal at the end of the chain. Best Guitar Pedals in I looked at the screen shot of your patch, but I would also need a screenshot of the Pre-Amp settings.

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Seems backwards to me If you are going to do the "4 cable method". Then test the sound by strummingif the volume is low turn the drive down and the amp volume up, adjust till you get a good loud clean tone.

Why is the 4 Cable Method Popular?

What you are doing can work, just like plugging a pedal before an amp except the HD has a pre amp before the pedals. The basic steps are: The settings are likely to be different with each individual amp you try it on. With this setup, your drive, wah and compressor are all working your preamp without the reverb, delay or chorus getting in the way and messing up the tone.

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Posted 21 January - There are no rules, it will depend on what gear you use and what gear you plug into. What are all the details with your set-up?