Mackie cr1604 hookup guide ADAT to Mackie 1604 wiring hookup diagram

Mackie cr1604 hookup guide

I have a couple of mic pres that I have routed thru the mackie for monitoring, but then use the direct outs of the mackie which is one of the big reasons I love this mixer! It is a pretty hookup guide little board and I lucked out I think.

need help in setting up a monitor on a mackie cr-1604

If that's what you mean, I am not using the mackie except as a "throughput" to the MOTU and I do not notice any coloration due to that route. I am at work and won't be home till another 4 days for the brand. The monitors and house speaker are just Peavy speaker, they are not power by anything other than the power amp. I got my Speaker to work to what I call the house speakers ,but have trouble getting monitors to work.

Really need to know if they are powered or passive. Cheers and sorry if this is really long winded.

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I let you know if this worked. Any and all insight and advice is welcome. Beepster Max Output Level: There are currently 1 users browsing this thread.

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You mentioned the line outs bypassing the gain staging. Then using my stockpile of audio cable adapters I'd send two more stereo pairs out to my two separate home stereo systems. I'm also not quite sure how to route this properly. If you insert a mono jack only part the way in, it clicks in nicely and you have 8 direct outs on those channels.

I could also reverse which interfaces and use the Layla as the master and possibly have access to the full 8 line outs on it the Scarlett only has 2 monitor outs. The input stuff isn't quite as important as the output routing because I can only record one instrument at a time but there will be times when I'd like to have more inputs.

I guess it had been used in a conference room or something and lived in a special box by the podium so it didn't get abused like it would have in a bar or rehearsal room.

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The mixer outputs need to be amplifiied. I just hookup guide want to have to constantly be moving around cables to get at the various reference systems.


Am I being crazy? Good to know about the transparency too.

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Essentials Only Full Version. Just kind of scattered trying to set up the new room.

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Alternatively I could have both interfaces set up the way I do now, have the Scarlett going directly out to the monitors and the Layla going out to the board.

The time now is This allows a very direct flow from there to the main outputs without any colour being added anywhere. Having trouble getting my monitors to work at church.