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Again just an assumption, but I've noticed Asian American women male nurse dating female doctor date white guys. I actually find it really attractive and respectable for a woman to have the ambition and intelligence to achieve that.

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The most you'd be able to manage is casual. IDK why people keep downvoting you.

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At the same time you feel entitled to a traditionally attractive male with high income, education, or career aspirations. As someone else said you're trying to flip the gender balance while occupying the original side - or at least the few priveleges afforded to women from stereotypical gender roles.

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Would you cut back on your practice? Your socioeconomic requirement ignores something far more important.

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It's tough to say. So our ages are close. This isn't all rich people of course, but I'm already on the back foot if you make that much money. It is free and quick. Due to your high income bracket wanting someone in the same economic bracket or even near it is looking for a provider.

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Say a colleague introduces you to a friend and he The tl;dr here is that I do value youth, beauty, and potential more than things like success and earning potential. Let's male nurse dating female doctor look at the fact that you're actively looking to start a relationship at 33 after light dating and no serious relationships.

Lets say it is between depending on the person.

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Also worth noting, people in their 20s and early 30s got fucked by the economy Men, especially westernized men, aren't putting a woman's accomplishments high on their list of attractive qualities.

Also - they do get some hard things happen to them at work.

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A You stop working and look after the kid. You are 33 and want a man that makes quite a bit, which means you are now competing with younger women that can have just as much of a good personality as you.

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Sure, there's the attractive female who is super successful like Beyonce which everyone is attracted to, but if she weren't famous and made a lot of money, there would still be a ton of men after her based on her looks and personality. A small minority of the guys in our class ended up settling down while the majority of them decided to take their new found doctor status as a way to get laid I am not blaming them just saying what happened.

And work with patients who are sick and potentially dying.

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Sorry for coming off that way. If you want to use it as a gauge for how driven this guy is then find out what his goals are, how he's working to achieve them, what he has achieved already. I'd want someone college educated and all, but it just doesn't make sense to have two partners both charging after a difficult, time-consuming career.

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You and other women mistake incompatability and disinterest as hiv dating sites australia. Add on that a touch of arrogance, barbecue cook for 20 minutes per kilo and bam, a nice moist Christmas turkey.