Marriage not dating ost ep 11 Marriage, Not Dating Episode 11 Recap

Marriage not dating ost ep 11, want to flag this?

I have just the same thoughts too and had replied on the earlier comment of this recap to harmonyfb before I saw yr comment here And to panshel, yeah, poor poor poor YR but for someone to be so spiteful, sorry, no pity lho!

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Jang-mi says that she needs to confess something, and tells him that she feels terrible because the parents think her marriage to Ki-tae is real. Yeo Reum akan mengatakan keinginannya sekarang, tapi Ki Tae belum menyerah, satu lagi! Not wanting to lose another chance, he hugs Jang Mi in front of her future mother-in-law. She's just too good for him.

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But it really was so well executed. Se-ah's character here is almost the same with the second female lead in old drama 'All About Eve' played by Kim So Yeon. Ni Arum Linggarjati August 10, at 8: I'm honestly really sad that I started this drama so early Hahaha for real tho! HazeOfMisery August 11, at 1: YR on the other hand i think is jus who he is. Being a smart man, Ki-tae goes shopping for proposal supplies.

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Even dad wants mom to feed him some food. Hoon Dong setuju, kenapa kau mau keluar? Next they head to a noraebang, where the machine will declare a clear winner and loser. Jang Mi shock ibu mengakuinya sebagai menantu lalu berteriak, dia ibu mertuaku!

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He was all, "She's so easy to take advantage of, but I was the jerk who took advantage of her. Gong GiTae is so cute and so sweet. Not a lot of people would react the way he did when they see their girlfriend kissing another man!

But it backfires on Ki-tae when Yeo-reum turns out to be a great singer no surprise there, ha and Jang-mi gets all googly-eyed at his pretty voice.

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He genuinely wants her to change in order to stop her from hurting again and again. He could have earnestly tried talking to Jang-mi, but he didn't. Thanks for covering this week's episodes, LollyPip!

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Jang Mi will be the judge. On TV, that's what marriage not dating ost ep 11 always resort to when they're desperate for money.


This episode was a rollercoaster ride - but I think the heart of the entire thing was one small line from Ki Tae not even mentioned in the recap. Not too many tears, please, show!

They both bounce awake and try to deny anything happening, but Mom manages to drag Dad out, telling him that their fortunes make them drawn to each other.

Mom could see how much Jang Mi likes Gi Tae and how protective she is of him, but by seeing Yeo Reum hugging Jang Mi, that bond has been broken and I wonder how long it will be before mom comes to trust and actually like Jang Mi again? Mom and Mistress see each other and both visibly start, and Mom turns to go but Mistress asks her snidely if she needs her ring again.

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She tells him to act quickly since someone might take his girl from him if he takes too long. Before YR hugged JM, he did, he actually did glanced and knew, he actually knew KT's mom is on her way and can clearly see them.

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Bukan hanya dia yang memanfaatkanku, tapi aku juga memanfaatkannya, karena orang tuaku sangat menyukainya. Kim Young Ok Supporting Cast.

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He is the nice second lead who loses their head when they realize they're not the person first lead wants to be with. I'm not quite sure exactly how it happened, but this couple has become one of my favorites of all time: