Matchmaking destiny beta ‘Destiny 2' launches Guided Games matchmaking for high-level raids

Matchmaking destiny beta, what is destiny 2’s new guided games feature?

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Other changes made with the Destiny 2 PC matchmaking destiny beta include tweaks and fixes made to the Sandbox. The Destiny 2 PC beta will go live on August 28, again, for those who pre-ordered.

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There are two options when you get to the Guided Games screen in the Destiny 2 menus, and we'll run down both just below:. His notes are listed below:. Related Tags Destiny 2. Power ammo can also be directly farmed from all Yellow Bar Combatants.

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Increased damage helps Grenades feel as powerful as they should facing hordes of alien combatants and, more specifically, makes the longer cooldowns more palatable. This is something we had felt internally and have been slowly tuning up over the last several weeks. Assassin's Creed Origins guide: The last few days have seen many PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players getting into Destiny 2 's closed beta, either by receiving a code or pre-ordering the game, and now anyone can get in on the matchmaking destiny beta.

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If a team want to act as Guides, then at least half the Fireteam must be from the same Clan. It will use that data to update the experience for its full release on PC in October.

In short, it offers a more satisfying, shared-world experience.

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Competitive matchmaking will now take a bit longer to match folks with others closer to their skill with a good connection. According to Bungie, during the console beta it learned a lot from players who participated in the Crucible.

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This is the fastest route to a game, but you may face opponents outside of your comfort zone. Conversely, when entering a Competitive match, matchmaking times will now be longer so that players can become better acquainted with who they are going up against. In the beta, at least, seekers will require a Nightfall ticket to participate.

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