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Your "exemplary manner" of 'excellent' play gives evidence that you are in great demand by all of the Clans for your Devine presence. And this Facebook page for official information about the matchmaking walking war robots server.

Is this actually a game of spot the mistake? Yes I'll have to go check it out.

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Heavy robots wreck lower ranks? I see a Boa, Vityaz and a Gepard in the background. Firstly, yes, it sucks right now, and yes I hear your frustrations with matches all over the board.

Or maybe you both jumped in with massive uncertainty in your Performance Ratings and the MM tossed you together, if so, look on the other team, there is probably another hanger as strong as yours balancing it out as part of the system sorting things out.

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I'm thinking there is a multiplier associated to each hard point, and you can only have so many points before being bumped up a tier. No chatroom necessary in a game like this.

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I think that the devs may be messing about with the matchmaker. Save changes Preview Cancel.

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There were many exploits in the old design, and to fix them we had to rely solely on crutches. Laser color has always been the most reliable tier indicator for me bronze: The other has a level 9 Punisher T.


For example, to find out the values for a Cossack, did you equip your entire hangar to Cossacks with the same weapons levels or did you set up a baseline all same robots and only one is changing? Anyone have some Lvl 10 weapons they could test, save me some time and silver?

Either that or just walk up to the bot and shoot his face off with a Thunder.

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Next, I've been following this thread since it started and I've noticed some recent anomalies which I put down to a tweak in the matchmaking in 0. Feels like a waste to not be upgrading something This lineup will hold its own in lower silver, but by mid silver it just doesn't have enough hit points to get inside m long enough to deal out damage.

Before it would show how long the upgrade would take and ask that you confirm the upgrade.

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Very helpful stuff, especially for earning gold. My usual before the update was about Au if I really pushed it.

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In "Silver Teir"" is there any noobs or inexperienced matchmakings walking war robots Dec 26, 0: There is probably a sweet spot where the leo can be in Bronze. Because I feel guilty if I'm not upgrading something dating diaries toronto the millions of silver that I have no other purpose for By lowering my heavy load point, it allowed me to place a higher tier medium weapon on the bot. Most pilots are as stupid as they are in bronze, and their mechs and weapons are clearly low level.

Just a thought; the "rules" for L1 medium bots look like an average of 4. Who where these people who were giving positive feedback on this new matchmaking? As someone pointed out one of the biggest monkey wrenches thrown into the machine is when there is a lack of properly matched players and higher players are thrown in to "even out" the teams.

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