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First of all, some groups are regionally too young to allow us to test different hypotheses within the full-time window of regional paleogeography from the Gondwana breakup to the emergence of New Caledonia at the end of Eocene.

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The results of this meta-analysis provide strong evidence for refuting the hypothesis of a Gondwanan meta dating with a biota that originated by vicariance. The diversity and radiation of the largest monophyletic animal group on New Caledonia Trichoptera: Evolutionary and biogeographical history of an ancient and global group of arachnids Arachnida: Plate tectonics and australasian paleobiogeography.

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Our analysis supports previous conclusions based on age metas dating of a single or a few taxonomic groups 132728but also allows us to meta dating more general conclusions and perspectives as it takes into account a much larger array of taxonomic groups arthropods, molluscs, vertebrates, plants. In relation to these two assumptions, an additional and important problem is that the origin of the NC biota is often inferred by generalizing from selected lineages in a narrative way 732when hypothesis testing should be favoured 33 Old Lineage on an old island: Some recent geological studies have assessed the regional presence of now-submerged islands that were emerged during the period when New Zealand and New Caledonia were submerged 18212341424344 The historical biogeography of Apsilochorema Trichoptera, Hydrobiosidae revised, following molecular studies.

We will not discuss here the ways of testing dating hypotheses, which is a rich and generally well-understood subject.

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On the origin of species by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life. Accept and close More info.

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Tectonophysics23—59 Historical biogeography of the predominantly Australian plant family Goodeniaceae. Did local groups evolve before the emergence of the oldest present-day islands by hopping between now-submerged islands?

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Endemism and diversity in relation to vegetation types and substrates. It actually implies multiple short-distance dispersal events between nearby and temporary islands or other territories that do not exist anymore.

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Sapotaceae biogeography supports New Caledonia being an old Darwinian island. The phylogenetic placement and biogeographical origins of the New Zealand stick insects Phasmatodea.

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