Mono dating a poly When a Poly Person Dates Someone Who Is Monogamous

Mono dating a poly, poly, but living monogamously (mostly)

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I am addressing the polyamorous community now: On the other hand, I feel her pain. Sure, the amputation hurts like fuck and will leave you crippled. The poly world would like everyone to fully understand and do the complete compersion dance. I forgive myself for my mistakes and failures.

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That was the beginning of it. My husband, though, is percent monogamous. If you think about this if you use the veto card, then it just makes that bad relationship even more enticing to you partner think Romeo and Juliet for starters.

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The converse is what is true for me. KDaddy is right, many people, especially men are able to separate it a lot more than women can. All the books discuses jealousy; but is it mono dating a poly jealousy or just envy?


He was so sweet and kind and gentle and truly concerned about us. This is an issue of one partner being controlling and ignoring the other partners right to decide for themselves what they want. Some of that comes back to knowing what your own individual values and needs are, and seeing where the common ground is. Speed dating cebuana disagree with Flood ; if the casual partner has enough forewarning, he may want to make different arrangements.

May 5, at But I do sometimes want to hear more from mono people in the same position about how they deal with the stuff that comes up.

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As much as I hate to say it, if you two cannot move to a common ground that both of you will accept, then it would seem to me that this is just going to eventually drive you into the ground.

Or if the opposite is true: My last suggestion is to find people like yourself going through the exact same thing, so that you both have a support group, and can find more answers to your burning questions around this issue. May 24, at 2: I started a blog that details exactly what I was going through.

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I calmed his nerves the night before his first date and asked what he was going to wear.