My ex is dating a black girl Хочешь заняться сексом сегодня вечером?

My ex is dating a black girl

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Originally Posted by Asimovian Oh, I imagine my ex-wife feels tainted, but I'm not sure it has anything to do with me being black If he brings it up alot maybe its because he's insecure It's because if you rub a black person hard enough, some of the black will come off like grease. All the little bunnies sitting on the floor! If you stay in this relationship your self-esteem will be destroyed.

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Find all posts by HoneyBadgerDC. Find all posts by njtt. If a woman has a past relationship with a black man she's tainted forever. Originally Posted by Tapioca Dextrin.

Originally Posted by Asimovian. It's harsh, i'd have words with him let him know how it makes you feel. Cut him loose and find someone else who truly cares and respects you because he does not.

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Which is obviously highly inappropriate, and I knew he was drunk, but for God's sake, I'm his freaking girlfriend. Originally Posted by Zago. Same thing, if I constantly stared at mens' crotches, in front of an SO, and flirted heavily with the guy who had the biggest frontal bump.

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Find all posts by DrDeth. Originally Posted by witabix.

Find all posts by Larry Borgia. He is just insensitive, but because he likes black women so much, doesn't mean he doesn't like you just as much. Does a guy that doesn't like black woman have a white fetish?

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What astro's talking about is mainly a US phenomenon. Originally Posted by Amateur Barbarian MoonlitherialI really can't make head or tail of your post or exactly who you're replying to.

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Maybe in the under crowd with which I have zero interaction it's different now