My son is dating my best friend Situation 805: “I’m a 42 year old mother, I am secretly dating my son’s BEST FRIEND who is 24…”

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I do accept it seems odd from the outside but felt normal.

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If you must try with this teenager talk to your son first see how he would feel about the situation. Stranger asks parents if he can befriend their children in an experiment to I had been working after HS for a few years at the time and had become deeply disillusioned with the education system, which I found rigid and stultifying.

When I woke up he was lying on top of me': Most watched News videos Moment naked woman walks in 'Wolf of Wall Street' style office Woman rubs her bare breasts in 'sex predator's' face in public Corey Feldman on contacting Santa Barbara Police about sexual abuse Fallon: If my friend was dating a twenty year old I would also be advising her not to do so.

So my son Cameron is dating the daughter Gwen of my best friend since collage Anna. WTF friends come and go like the wind Sign up for our Funniest Tweets From Women email.

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But that's not the same issue at all. After all, you are both VERY special to her. We can't make it for you. No sense in complicating the picture any further by adding another individual to the mixture, not until things are going smoothly again.

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My son's best friend kept hitting on me during the time we would talk, and I just kept shrugging him off, it seemed a game to him, just smooth talk. I was gratified by his little acts of kindness, happy in his company. Relationships between older women and much younger men always come with their own difficulties.

I don't want to give up my lover only to find later that my son would have been fine with it. I absolutely agree with Smurfette's last post, especially the last paragraph! Kevin Spacey, then 24, had sex with You are devestated at the betrayal of this woman with your son and what do you do - renew your friendship with her.

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Kelly Osbourne is a hot dog and her brother Jack is a pickle while his pregnant wife Lisa goes casual for Halloween party She's still driving him wild! Join Date Oct Posts 4, Share this article Share. You being the older person in this should say thank you I am flattered but I wouldn't even consider it. Bit of an update, so myself and friend had a really good talk, had it out so to speak.

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Don't my son is dating my best friend put yourself into that venom. She might feel your desire for her input and advice shows you want to be an active parent and feel what your son did was wrong but definitely take his door off his room.

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My son recently found out that his sister and friend are having sex and he as the protective big brother is furious at his friend for touching his sister and mad at his sister for "stealing" his best friend.

Student whose legs were sliced off by a train after her drink was spiked I hope you don't mind a guy's opinion.

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I told her exactly how I felt without holding back. Join CafeMom now to contribute your answer and become part of our community. Since your son is quite a bit younger than his friend, it may not be quite as traumatic for him as if he was the same age.